“FASHION to me is a love story that I am lucky enough to be apart of and share with others. FASHION is a world of discovery, from the secret stories of trend spotting after dark in SAINT TROPEZ. Having a heart-to-heart with COURTNEY LOVE about fashion subcultures in Japan to the first blogger I ever met who showed me the power of social media.”  -Wendy K. Bendoni


FREEDOM OF DRESS and the ability to express who you are.  This something I have embraced since I discovered matching my scrunchies, leg warmers and headbands #80s #RollerCity #FashionTheory
GIRL IS NOT A FOUR LETTER WORD! What does that mean? Well today we were honored to have Cindy Whitehead come to Woodbury University and share with the #FashionMarketing class about her fight for recognition for women in sports (media) and her amazing company that supports it all @girlisnota4letterword - she is also one of top sport stylist, working with some of top athletes in the world. This is one BAD ASS women! @woodbury_university #WUFM
#TRUTH #shoeporn
These girls know how to cheer up their mom. #Love
Our fascination with #TYPEWRITERS continues and so does our curiosity of the worlds most iconic typewriters such as these: Orson Welles who wrote
I think I might be having too much fun Prepping for my MEDIA class lecture tomorrow at Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills #FashionTribes #FashionTheory #fashionmarketing #fashionprofessor #WUFM
Theme for today...#KeepMoving
STAND OUT and EXPRESS YOURSELF!!STOP trying to fit in! #Truth 📷@boygeorgeofficial
Today I had some amazing organic wines of Mexico. Enjoying ORGANIC WINE tasting with owner of Finca La Carrodilla and the winery mascot. ❤️#InnovaModa15 @fincalacarrodilla #wine #organicwine #winecat
Learning the CRAFT ORGANIC WINE making @fincalacarrodilla #Best #BestCaberetSauvignon #Mexico #CreativeMinds
Today I began my lecture series in Mexico to the next generation of visionaries. Some amazing new friends and a chance to celebrate FASHION, ART and ARCHITECTURE of Mexico #InnovaModa #CreativeMinds #mexico #InnovaModa15